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Social media marketing is a method of online marketing that uses social media websites. Doing advertising and marketing on social media is gaining popularity among businesses. It involves placing ads and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites. Businesses can place content on social media in the form of stories and posts that are shared by users with their friends and contacts. When you use Facebook and such similar sites, you get to connect with your customers and users who buy your products. Connecting on social media helps in knowing the views and opinion of other people. It will enable you to improve your products and satisfy the customers by fulfilling their needs.

Business owners should utilize the power of social media, Google+, YouTube, and other sites for higher sales and gaining the attention of customers. You can increase your brand awareness in people by posting content, articles, posts, and videos of your products. Links can be used for SEO on social media. Get a higher exposure to your business by social media advertising. Business promotion on Facebook and Twitter is a relatively cheaper and inexpensive marketing method in comparison to traditional marketing in which you have to pay more money for placing ads on newspapers, magazines, and television. Social media marketing can connect you to customers living in remote, rural, and international locations.

Types Of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing on various platforms are of following types:

Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media sites that have a large number of users both domestic and global. This gives you the benefit of a very good advertising medium on which you can get a huge number of customers without having to pay more money. Make a business page of your company or product on Facebook and start posting good quality content and articles about your product on it. You can do advanced targeting on Facebook that helps in targeting some specific customers and users who are likely to buy your products. Place targeted ads on the site and do retargeting. Make unique ads and make it interesting by adding images and emojis to it.

Twitter Marketing:

This is another very good social media site for online marketing. It is the best platform for getting organic results of marketing without paying for getting customers. You get more benefits and higher profits by placing paid advertisements on Twitter. People who have an account on Twitter are more likely to do shopping and buy your products in comparison to non-users. It provides a very good opportunity for small businesses for advertising and marketing their business on Twitter. E-commerce websites can exploit this and use it to their advantage by placing ads on this social media site.

Linkedin Marketing:

If you want to place B2B ads of your business and gain more customers, LinkedIn is the best platform for you. Recruiters and businesses can find staff and employees on this site. Secondary education institutions can also use the social media site to their advantage. Best B2B products are found on LinkedIn and you could use the site to market your business. Cost per click or CPC campaigns of advertising is very successful in it. Post sponsored content, mail, and text advertisements on LinkedIn.

Pinterest Marketing:

This is the best social media site for e-commerce sales especially when it is targeted at women users. Post images of your product and business on the site. The Pinterest boards have pins that people view and this could provide an opportunity to promote your product through promoted pins. Ads placed on this site are more likely to attract the attention of target customers.

YouTube Marketing:

Posting videos about your product and advertisements on YouTube can attract a large number of customers. People love to watch videos and spend time on YouTube. It is one of the best tools and mediums of online marketing for businesses and companies. Make high-quality videos and optimize them for better results. Hire a social media marketing company for YouTube advertising.

Instagram Marketing:

More people use Instagram than Facebook and Twitter. It is a good website for marketing and advertising business online. The social media site allow the posting of photos and videos. Launch a marketing campaign that includes using Instagram for advertising. Make high quality and visually appealing content for the site. Target your images and videos to specific customers who are likely to buy your customers and use the power of social media to your advantage.


How Social Media Can Enhance Your Online Business

Social media is an effective, inexpensive, and result oriented platform for running an advertising and marketing campaign. You gain the attention of target customers and are connected to a large number of users in global locations. Business content and ads placed on social media establishes your superiority and expertise in the market. Launching a product for the first time is best done on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Connecting to new customers becomes easy due to this.

Social media platform offers an enhanced interaction with users. Make your product popular in public by placing articles and posts on social media and increase your brand awareness. It is a cost-effective advertising medium for a start-up or businesses with a low budget that cannot spend heavily on marketing. You get feedback from customers that help in knowing their opinion about your product.


Why Choose Us

Codeflies offers individualized social media marketing services that fulfill the specific needs of different clients. We help you in the best utilization of social media sites for business promotion by placing ads, content, and posts on it. Our social media experts give good advice and guidance to businesses. They manage your social media pages and help in maintaining it. We help you in achieving your business goals by reaching the target customers. You can trust us for building a good company reputation for your business on social media. Use our services to get attention from customers and achieve fame. Our marketing strategy helps the business in reaching to the top and attracts the attention of social media users. We use SEO and optimize your social media posts to get more traffic to your business website.

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