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Pay Per Click Management That Works

PPC or pay-per-click is one of the best forms of paid online advertising and marketing techniques in which the business that places an advertisement online on a search engine has to make a payment when a user clicks on the advertisement and views it. Thus, you need to pay for making a viewer to see your ad. It is like a paid advertising in which each visit and view on your website and the ad is paid by you. Even if you are paying for people clicking on your ad, you still get the advantage of higher traffic to a business website. It gives you more leads that provide you huge profits and increased number of sales.

The digital agencies help businesses in optimizing the PPC so that you can generate more revenue for your brand. PPC campaigns are launched to get a higher number of conversions so that the people who visit your website and view the ads actually buy your products. You need to place advertisements on Google’s sponsored links. Every time, someone who is browsing the web enters a keyword for a query on Google, the ads are displayed. When the users click on the ad, the business or advertiser has to pay money, as it is a paid visit to the ad.



PPC is of the following types.

Paid Search Marketing – This involves displaying ads related to certain keywords or Google Adwords when someone enters a query on Google or any other search engine. You need to place an ad copy containing the targeted keywords on the website.

Display Advertising – Banners, graphics, and text advertisements aimed at targeted customers are placed on websites. Links to the business website are provided in the ad. The advertisement may contain animations and videos. The ad appears on websites along with articles and content. People who use smartphones see the ads on the apps they install in their phones.

Shopping PPC – This is a type of marketing in which advertisements of a product or business are placed and viewed on Google and other search engines. It is a paid shopping advertising also known as Google Shopping Ads. When an internet user conducts a search on a product on Google, the ads are shown to them. The advertisements have information about the cost of the product and your store. People can see images of the products on the ad.

Mobile PPC – This is targeted at people who use a smartphone. If any user does a Google search for a query or product on a phone, the ads appear on Google and websites. Users can click on the ad and buy the product. Mobile PPC campaigns are launched with an aim to attract the target customers based on their location and the keyword they use to do the search.

Video PPC – Businesses and companies who want to make their product and brand popular in public must consider using videos in their PPC campaigns. It is known as video PPC and it involves placing video ads on Google and websites to attract customers. Adwords help in optimizing video advertisements. Making and using videos as advertisements is an easy simple way to do online advertising and marketing for a business. You can get more value and profit by using video ads aimed at targeted customers.

Social Media Advertising – PPC campaigns are launched on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. You can attract the targeted customers and know their opinions and views on social media.

Other PPC Types – Retargeting PPC advertising, price comparison website advertising, and affiliate marketing are some other forms of PPC.

How PPC Can Enhance Your Online Business

Using PPC for advertising and marketing of your business gets you higher traffic to your business website. Besides a higher number of viewers on your website, PPC also helps you in making customers visit your warehouse and physical store in the market. Your reach among buyers increases by placing PPC ads. It is affordable and low-cost advertising, as you have to make payment only for the ads that are viewed by the users. You get measurable website traffic with PPC. It is the best advertising method to get targeted leads for a business. PPC helps in increasing your brand awareness. Conversions are achieved with this advertising by converting users to buyers. PPC generates higher profits. Pay per click has a positive impact on business success and you must take advantage of this for your online business.

Why Choose Us

Codeflies is an expert and specialist in PPC advertising. We focus on the specific needs of clients and make sure that they are satisfied. Our PPC campaigns are launched to place paid ads on Google and websites. We offer a value-driven service that gives an assurance of positive results of the ads we make and place on search engines. Our experts make a strategy for brand marketing and make your product popular in public. You can trust us for providing high-quality PPC service that gives a faster payback. We can handle both big and small projects with equal ease. It is important to get results from the PPC campaigns and we ensure that you get it.