Nidhi Rubal

HR Manager

Binding each employee in the organisation is the key responsibility of an HR manager. Besides, unpolished diamonds are difficult to spot by an untrained eye. So, here we have Ms. Nidhi Rubal with 3+ years of hands-on experience in managing a wide gamut, team handling, operations, employee engagement, retention, and more. Besides, her ability to boost individual professional growth helps maximize the company's performance.


HR Executive

Ms. Shweta is another crucial member of our Human Resources team. The main responsibility of the HR Executive is to manage the on boarding process, recruitment activities, conduct the interview process, and handle new joinee formalities. Her leadership, communication, team management, analytical, and problem-solving skills are an added advantage.


Account Manager

Accounting is one of the most crucial jobs in any organization. Hiring a professional with the ability to perform complicated calculations like GST, Income Tax, and ESI EPF is a must. Ms Garima is one of the spectacular talents with 3+ years of experience in handling accounts. In addition, she stood out to be a great learner qualifying all three aspects of the job role with distinct understanding.


Ankit Kumar

SEO Manager

Ankit Kumar is an SEO Manager at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd, having more than 8 Years of Experience and Coordinating content, design, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and other activities as well as implementing SEO Strategies.

Vivek Singh

IT Project Manager

Just like a determined sailor knows how to sail through all storms, an experienced professional knows how to lead a team through all ups and downs. That’s what Mr. Vivek Singh, our IT Project Manager, is known for. In the past 6 years, Mr. Singh has contributed as an expert in tracking and planning, ensuring high end quality management, information management and cost estimation.

Shivani Singh

Project Manager

Ms. Shivani is our Project Manager who partakes in major key responsibilities of Codeflies Technologies. She maintains client relations, figures out budget estimates, analyze and manage any project risks, monitor progress, and implement changes, as and when needed. She is one strong pillar of our enterprise.

Sales Team

Gurwinder Kaur

Business Development Executive

Ms. Kaur is our opportunist to bring in new clients. She partakes in incessant team meetings to understand our business goals and blend her knowledge with thorough market research to generate leads and maintain client relations.

Gaurav Gudheniya

Business Development Executive

Mr. Gudheniya is responsible for analyzing business leads, understanding market competition, strategizing actions for business growth. His contribution has been our constant support.

Ghanshyam Verma

Email Marketer

Mr. Verma is an email marketer and a tool enchanter. He knows well about how to run big-fish marketing tools like Auto Pager, Email Extractor, etc. to get the best results out of email marketing processes. He ensures Codeflies Technologies of apt data analysis and management by his expertise.

Amit Kumar

Email Marketing

Mr Amit is one of the classic talents who know how to present a proposal to a potential client. Besides, he holds 3+ years of experience in the same. His mastery in searching potential leads and platforms to execute email marketing campaigns will prove to be a close call for our new clients.

Salman Khan

Email Marketing Executive

Mr Salman is a dedicated employee filled with enthusiasm. His role as an Email Marketing Executive keeps him active even on tiring mondays. Besides being an email marketer he loves making friends. We believe his idea of connecting with other colleagues will act as a great team influencer and grow the organization potential as a team.


Email Marketing Executive

Ms Lubna has recently joined us as an Email Marketing Executive. She holds a consecutive experience of 3+ years. Her abilities as a professional will bring the organization potential clients with a speedy force. Some of her specialized skills for the role are she has an eye for keen details, and always keeps her emails interactive. Besides, she is a dedicated lady who loves encouraging as well.

Md Saad Irshad

Email Marketing Junior

Mr Saad has recently joined as Junior Email Marketing Executive. He holds consecutive 2+ years proven work experience. Besides, being familiar with the key responsibilities of an email marketer, he is a great learner and loves to socialize. We believe his way of interacting with people can help grow our social network, therefore, will keep us one step closer to potential clients.

Md Uvais

Email Marketing Executive

Mr Uvais is a cumulative addition to the Codeflies team. His level of intellect as an Email Marketer is spontaneous. His eyes for potential clients spot a great hit which influences his following skills positively i.e., lead generation, finding related data, and mail suite. Besides, he holds a significant experience of 4+ years.

Shazia Iqbal

Email Marketing Executive

Ms Shazia has a keen intelligence for email marketing campaigns. Her terminal 3+ years experience makes her smart enough to target potential audiences for lead generation, upstaging emails with graphics, and significantly outbounding our social network.

Pankaj Kumar Sharma

Email Marketing Executive

Mr Pankaj is the second most differential pillar of the Email Marketing Team. His significant experience of 3+ years makes him superior in creating email databases for lead generation, Identify target audience and grow our email list, and upgrade email template with advanced features.

Imran Ahmad

Email Marketing Executive

Mr Imran is another significant pillar of our Email Marketing Team. He holds hands-on experience of around 3+ years. His idea of targeting a potential audience is unique to all. Besides, he believes in designing mobile-friendly email marketing templates and implementing direct email marketing campaigns.

Back-end Developers

Aditya Chaudhary

PHP Developer

Mr. Chaudhary is another pillar of our PHP development platform. He is proficient at his PHP development skills and provides a great deal of support in developing high-performing websites and apps.

Ranu Kumari

Web Developer

Ms Ranu is one of the senior Web Developers with 4+ years of experience in PHP, Shopify, and Codeigniter. Besides, her uprooting proficiency scales in the above-mentioned frameworks, she also holds adequate knowledge about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL. Her diligent experience quantifies the level of creativity she adds to the projects.

Meenakshi Chauhan

PHP Developer / Laravel Developer

Whenever an exciting project requiring high end PHP development falls on our lap, all eyes turn to Ms. Meenakshi! She is known for her unparalleled expertise in complete PHP development, front-end and back-end, and juggling with the best of ever-evolving PHP changes, trends and advancements.


PHP/CI Developer

Mr. Deepanshu is a high-end PHP developer who specializes in Problem solving, logic building, and writing reusable code. His impressive work in transforming robust websites is exceptional. Besides, his commendable experience as PHP Developer will strengthen the online presence of the company and its clients.

Sudhir Gangwar

PHP Developer

Sudhir Gangwar is a cumulative addition to our PHP team. His adequate experience being Wordpress Developer can do wonders for the company. Besides, his idea to rectify keen details in a website can help stimulate the company's analytical and professional approach.

Sandeep Singh

WordPress Developer

Creativity is table stakes for everyone we hire. Mr Sandeep is another ordinant pillar of our WordPress developing team holding 3 years of experience in the same field. He holds a significant expense on supporting technologies like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, BootStrap, and MySQL.

Tarun Varshney

Laravel Developer

Every organization looks for a talent who knows how to break the ice when all the frameworks stop responding. Mr Tarun Varshney is one of the crucial pillars of our developing team holding proficiency in Laravel frameworks for 4+ years. Besides, some of his native interests include juggling among the scripting languages like Core PHP, Laravel, SQL, Javascript.

Rajnikant Lodhi

Hybrid App Developer

Mr. Rajnikant has been working as a Hybrid Mobile App Developer with us,having vast knowledge in the same field. His proficiency as a web developer, allows the team to surpass any tides of complex software trends. He is known for his hands on proficiency in Angular and React JS, Ionic, React Native,etc. hybrid app development specifics.

Front-end Developers

Dharmesh Kumar

Sr. Web Designer

Dharmesh Kumar is working as Web Designer at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having 4 years of experience and helps in deliver many successful projects as well as expert in HTML, CSS, Prestashop, SASS, javascript, jQuery, Hugo and Wordpress.

Ravi Singh

Sr. Frontend Developer

Ravi Singh is Working as Frontend Developer carrying experience of more than 4 years. Outstanding in using Technologies like Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, AMP, javascript, jQuery. His dedication is imperative for the growth of our company.

Sourav Mogha

Web Designer

Sourav Mogha is Working as Web Designer carrying experience of more than 3 years. Outstanding in using Technologies like Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop. His dedication is imperative for the growth of our company.

Ritesh Kumar

Website Designer

Mr. Ritesh Kumar is the Picasso of the art of website designing. He is the young talent behind all applauds we receive for our mesmerising website layouts and their high end elements. His vivid imagination and unmatched expertise makes him a man of superb creative abilities.

Naveen Singh

Website Designer

Designing is a daunting task for most organizations, but not for Codeflies Technologies, as we have Mr. Naveen Singh working as a keen website designer by our side. He is known for grabbing eyeballs through his enchanting and responsive website layouts. His efficiency has always made the organization stand on the expectations of clients.

Siddharth Tyagi

Graphic Designer

Siddharth Tyagi is Graphic Designer at Codeflies Technologies Pvt. Ltd; Having experience of more than 2 Years and Expert in using Photoshop, coralDraw, Illustrator & In-Design. He is playing a vital role for the growth of the Company.

Anmol Gupta

Quality Analyst

He who works ahead of time wins the race. We are glad to have such an exemplary associate in our team, Mr. Anmol Gupta. As a diligent quality analyst, he is known for implementing fool-proof plans and making each of our projects touch success. Well versed with quality assurance testing tools; the man keeps the team abreast of the fruits of success.

Ram Sharma

Web Designer

Mr Ram is another crucial member of our Web designing team. The main role of a web designer is to look after the appearance, layout, and content of the website. Likewise, a combination of 3+ years of prior experience and leading technologies like Html, CSS, Scss, Bootstrap, Tailwind, Jquery, WordPress Design, UI/UX Design help him rock any issues related to website appearance.


Web Designer

Ms Masuma is a fresh addition to the Codeflies Team. Besides, she holds 3+ years of experience in Web designing. Her Professionalism and dedication towards her work have outcast her hidden list of talents - HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Photoshop, JavaScript, WordPress platform proficiency. This exclusive combination of platforms makes her skills distinctive of all.

Abhishek Gautam

Web Designer

In any organization, social skills are equally important. Our organization is a client-based service, requires social understanding as well that includes listening skills, patience, meeting deadlines. We believe Mr Abhishek was the perfect hire. Besides, his 3 years of experience in web designing will help boost the organization's overall revenue and improve the brand identity of the businesses we intend our services to. Apart from social intellect, he holds proficiency in skills - Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery.

Digital Marketing

Priyanka Gusain

SEO Executive

Innovation comes from young talents, and we derive it from Ms. Priyanka. As an unstoppable learner and smart SEO Executive having more than a year's experience in the domain, the lady brings unimaginably innovative ideas to the table. Furthermore, her exceptional technical and programming skills help the organization ace through the SEO race.

Varun Sarpal

SEO Executive

Varun Sarpal is a recent add-on to our SEO team. His ability to meet deadlines and find rich quotes from websites can help our company revise its SEO strategy in order to boost brand value. Besides being a dedicated employee, he also has a wishful habit of being up to date and enrolling in skilful challenges. He is a dedicated professional who holds 3+ years of experience in a relevant area.

Shivani Pal

SEO Executive

Ms Shivani holds strong motivation and dedication towards her job role. Her prior 3+ years of experience in search engine optimization has been a leading advantage to her response. In the run to meet deadlines, her ability to work at a fast pace and correctly up-levelling our organization on a digital platform is glorious.

Ritika Jain

Content Writer

In a world where content is the king, she is the queen of the game. Ms. Jain knows how to juggle words to deliver content that not only provokes every reader to think beyond the horizons, but also aligns well with the SEO requirements, thereby making the content a fit for impressive online content presentation.