Regarded as proficient IT service provider, Codeflies Technologies has agility to offer complex transportation software solutions.

We at Codeflies actually are certain of the expertise our professionals have. We don't see anything within the public, commercial transportation industry, and private sector is beyond our expertise. Codeflies Technologies is proud to have served numerous clients from across the globe.

Powerful shipping and delivery process management on the run, we give you transportation and logistics web and app development solutions that allow you access your orders, fleet, delivery system and others.

Do business better

We offer insightful solutions using best practices based on our deep industry expertise and adoption of newest technological and marketing innovations.

Industry focused solutions

Codeflies has teams of seasoned professionals that quickly relate to customer concerns and offer exceptional customized solutions with timely results.

Security of data

Brainstorming on data security threats is common in boardroom discussions.

Real-time interactive communication

Our project managers work to your convenience as per local time zone all over the world.

Modernize and optimize travel efficiently

The travel and transportation industry is growing, and expectations are rising from today’s savvier, more connected travelers.

  • Artificial intelligence

    Equip travelers with the most personalized and relevant information based on their individual needs

  • Internet of Things

    Build a seamless IoT platform to connect devices and systems and keep travel operations running smoothly for both providers and passengers.

  • Blockchain

    Implement blockchain solutions to improve business efficiency through simplified processes and increase revenue with greater transactional clarity.

  • Transport Data Analytics

    Predictive Analytics and public transportation, detection based on Supervised Based Learning, optimized infrastructure, and better customer experience

Key Differentiators

Despite the fact that a centralized global supply chain empowers organizations to ensure lower overhead on manufacturing

  • Tight integration of operational and financial information for process efficiency.
  • Project management, customer relationship management and supply chain management.
  • Better and faster informed decision making.
  • Control, monitor and manage processes of whole organization efficiently.
  • Real time access to accurate information and intelligent reporting.
  • Provide a faster, smarter, differentiated experience
  • Inter-portability with third party applications.
  • Scalable and customizable.
  • It manages transportation infrastructure through improved Decision

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