Codeflies is aimed at improving efficiencies and advancing quality of care with an ultimate focus of innovating for the future.

Our healthcare technology solutions enables to build new-age hospitals integrating processes, people and equipment to help you gain new efficiencies, scale-up facilities and boost treatment to result in higher patient satisfaction. We leverage cutting-edge technologies - mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, and Internet of Things - to build mission-critical solutions.

Hospital Internal Task and Inventory Management

Hospital task management solution specifically helps Doctors to manage patients, assign task to Nurses and Labs.

Hospital Equipment and Asset Tracking

This specific solution focuses solely on management and asset tracking on Medical equipment which hospital staff is using.

Electronic Medical Records Management

EMRs help diagnose and treat patients by looking at their history and comparing their health data, replacing paper records.

Electronic Health Record Management

Comprehensive Electronic health records EHR providing health information management in the form of digital health records.

Emerging Technology Solutions

Blockchain enablement is a rising movement among the industries and businesses are looking how to leverage the advancement in technology to improve the performance of their processes.

  • Chatbots

    Communication based application can help user greatly to identify the disease based upon the symptoms.

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

    Augmented and Virtual Reality medical applications provide advanced medical education, enabling students and specialists to master their field through deliberate practice before engaging with patients.

  • Big Data

    Hidden Brains offers analytics solutions with focus on transforming the healthcare industry and bridging the gap between healthcare players such as consumer, provider, payer, regulator and researchers.

  • Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning

    We strategically use Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning in healthcare to solve some of the most-discussed topics in healthcare analytics.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sector is defined by disruptive changes

The players working at the medical & healthcare industry need to give their hundred percent to deliver exceptional care to patients. They have to fuel innovation to reduce the cost as well as the complexity of the existing operating system.

  • Tight integration of operational and financial information for process efficiency.
  • Control, monitor and manage processes of whole organization efficiently.
  • Inter-portability with third party applications.
  • Scalable and customizable.
  • Real time access to accurate information and intelligent reporting.
  • Project management, customer relationship management and supply chain management.
  • Our project managers work to your convenience as per local time zone all over the world.
  • Better and faster informed decision making.
  • Brainstorming on data security threats is common in boardroom discussions.

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