Leading-edge education and training applications to make use of innovative solutions and emerging technologies.

We provide diverse e-learning software solutions to change the shape of learning and knowledge sharing for all stakeholders such as educational institutions, education content providers, corporate training centers as well as e-learning software vendors.

Corporate Training

Build enterprise Mobility Solutions for Education industry for corporate training, taking into account several aspects of enterprise-grade eLearning implementation.

Education Games

Our education gaming app solutions aim to foster creative thinking, make learning simpler, increase collaboration and inculcate innovative thinking methods of learning while playing.


Mobile application development for the education industry aimed at providing users the experience to learn while on the go.

Educational AR & VR

Education apps are reaching the next level with immersive augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

Emerging Technology Solutions

Our Big data solutions for education help analyze voluminous data sets, provide actionable insights and reveal patterns and trends.

  • Custom E-learning

    G-Cube helps organizations cater to the varied learning needs of diverse learners. Our custom e-learning services helps organizations to identify their e-learning needs

  • Rapid Authoring

    Using our Rapid Authoring Services, organizations convert learning content to 'e' format without too much investment of time and money.

  • Instructor Led Training

    For a training organization conducting Instructor-led trainings (ILT), G-Cube's ILT division helps make training instructionally richer, visually appealing, technology-driven and interactive.

  • Mobile Learning

    G-Cube has extensive experience of creating mLearning content that can run on various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Revolutionizing the Ways Education is Delivered

We integrate education and training methods with the latest technology platforms to provide top-notch learning experience to the students and corporate learners.

  • E-learning Software Solutions
  • Custom Portal Development
  • Web Portals and Online Knowledge Sharing Web Apps
  • Content Enhancement for New Devices
  • Responsive Content
  • Monitoring of Content Usage and Availability
  • Support for Specific Content Formats and Devices
  • Data Tracking and Usage
  • Big Data Development and Implementation
  • Personalized Learning Services
  • Data Visualization

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