What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

With the growth of time, India has witnessed vast development in SEO companies. SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is important for a website which particularly helps in improving Search Engine rankings. It not only improves the quality of websites but by converting them into user-friendly, easy to navigate, and faster to use, it increases the visibility as well. In general term, SEO take cares of million users per day giving them the right solution to their problems.

What Codeflies provides?

There are more than just a service we provide here at Codeflies. Since from the time of beginning we have been largely focusing on the SEO services for every customers guaranting them with full satisfaction.

On-Page Optimization

We do this in order to upgrade the position of websites on the search rankings. This helps directly in ranking higher where you can be able get much traffic in search engines for your website. With the help of techniques such as page title, meta description, meta tags, URL structure, body tags, keyword density, image SEO, and internal linking we help to improve your on-page SEO.

  • Competitor Analysis

    It is another important activities we provide for SEO process. Now, what does it do? This process directly helps in identifying your SEO targets. It also helps you in many ways; like, to find your SEO competitors, you can even visit the website of your competitor and examine it, see the keywords what your competitors are using, even you can check their backlinks and other SEO factors and many more.

  • Broken Link Check

    With broken link checker we help you to easily check the broken links on your website. Broken link is actually the 404 error message which you get while clicking on some links. Broken link happens basically due to the reasons such as temporarily unavailable of websites, deleted web page, modified or changed web page, web page blocked by firewall or other software etc.

  • Content Optimization

    We make sure with content optimization that your website page or home page becomes more attractive to search engines. To avoid mistakes, we evaluate various parts of your website such as content, broken links, title tags, or meta tags and upgrade it. The result? It will help search engine to easily lead your website and display it in search results.

  • Heading Tag Implementation

    Also called H1 tags, heading tag helps in improving search engine ranking. This tag is very much important for your website as this tag shows exactly what your page is about. When used correctly it will improve your search engine ranking.

Off Page Optimization

It is one of a technique that we use for your website to improve the position of its ranking in search engine results page. It also helps in higher ranking of website in the search result as well as it increases the page rank giving it more exposure attracting more visitors.

Guests Blogging

If you find writing blogs for your websites are time consuming, then you can leave to us. We provide Guest Blogging services along with the above mentioned various services. We will write for you, and you can promote your name on the blog.

Press Releases

We handle the press release part as well. It is better option as compared to paid advertising. It significantly contributes in increasing traffic giving greater impact on the search engine rankings.

How to pick right SEO provider in India and their SEO plans?

Picking up the right SEO provider in India and knowing their SEO plans is not so easy as we think. We cannot rely on every SEO provider who comes in our way and hire them. But, there are few of them whom you can hire, but how? Let us see some of the tips and tricks below:

Look for their experience

First of all, make sure to look after how much of experience they holds. Check how many clients they have handled from the past years, if you find the satisfactory answer, then you can easily count on them.


It is the best way to know about; how the company is, how many clients they have handled or how big companies they have worked for? By researching such questions, you can clear your doubts.

Ask them for the work they have worked on

You can ask for the links of the companies or the work carried by them. If they are honest and sincere enough then, they will provide you without hesitating. Also, you can check their works and gather enough information about their ‘type of work’.

Know their team

Let them talk about their team members and different work handled by them. Team is an important factor which defines the proper work, therefore, make sure they have build their proper team under one roof.

Why you should hire Codeflies for Search Engine Optimization?

We are one of the leading SEO Company in India having experienced and professional staffs who are knowledgeable and hardworking. We have handle certain projects that has successfully delivered top search engine rankings and high visibility to websites.

What does Codeflies do special?

Being an SEO Company India, we understand the fact how the internet is advancing every planks and so is search engines like Google and yahoo. To deliver the most user relevant quality content at the earliest has become the only focus of Search Engines. Every now and then changes (Algorithm Updates) some revealed and mostly hidden are being made in the process of searching the web. Therefore, being an SEO company in Noida, we keep a sharp eyesight on the changes so as to make sure that our clients’ rankings are not affected and the clients get what they desired for. We comes up with fresh and powerful ideas that can make appreciable difference in the site’s performance on the web.

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