Pay Per Click Services

Pay Per Click Advertising serviceis the quickest way to get your product or services on top of search engine results like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It serves as the perfect platform to get instant visibility, traffic, and rankings for websites. If you’re searching for the most respected and trusted advertising service provider, then Codeflies Technologies is a leading PPC advertising agency with clients across a range of sectors. We have a dedicated team of paid specialists to manage your campaigns on the most complex platforms. We have been delivering consistent results year on year by following the correct PPC advertising process, which has enabled us to earn 100% client satisfaction.

A Complete PPC Management Service

PPC advertising is a highly targeted, very controllable and cost-effective way to earn a top slot on platforms where your audience is spending most of their time. With a vast percentage of the population turning to online search to find local products or services, 63% of users confirmed that they click on paid ads. Our PPC services are customer-centric, highly effective and cover all the essential elements required to run a successful PPC campaign. All our PPC account managers are Google and Bing certified and can manage your campaigns effectively with precision. Our experts will advise on the channels which are effective for your business along with assessing the online competition.

What's Part of our Unique Pay Per Click Services

We are a full-service PPC management company and our broad range of PPC services includes:

Competitor analysis

We perform a complete analysis of your service area & industry along with analyzing keywords and monthly search volumes. Identify your local competitors who are currently running PPC ads and based on that create and set revenues and cost-per-lead goals.

Customer & Data-driven Ads

We research keywords to understand what your customers are searching for your services and based on that create ad copies and creatives for high performance in ads. We also conduct competitor research on ad copy and creatives and try split-testing.

PPC Ad Tracking & Analytics

We track every element of the campaign such as average ad position, click-through rate, cost-per-click, leads, calls, sales, etc. We even optimize cost-per-click along with attributing revenue to every paid campaign.

PPC Campaign Management

We manage and tweak bids for every campaign and constantly monitor keyword search queries, average position, click-through rate and cost per click and adjust bidding accordingly. Further, we optimize the campaign for improvements.

Paid Search Campaigns

We run paid ads to target customers based on their queries in search engines. We also run display advertisement campaigns, remarketing campaigns, retargeted ads and co-ordinated paid search and SEO campaigns.

Why Choose Codeflies Technologies Over Other PPC Companies Quick Results

PPC Advertisements tend to bring quick results as compared to SEO. We run PPC ads on your behalf to bring high-quality verified leads and better-targeted traffic to your site and that too at a reasonable rate.

Higher Visibility

With our reliable Pay per click services, we can help you get higher online visibility. It will enable you to expand your business, reach more customers and establish yourself as a strong brand in the industry.

Location-Based Targeting

We can help you manage your PPC Ads geographically, which means we’ll target your ads as per country, state or city. Such ads will only be visible to potential audiences of a particular area.

Optimal Outcomes

Our PPC experts will perform ad testing and conduct in-depth conversion analysis to ensure maximum clicks on your advertisement. This, in turn, will help you fetch optimal outcomes with improved website traffic.


Is PPC the right choice for my business?

Yes, PPC can be done for almost any kind of business, provided it is done by experts and in the right way. PPC ads are highly effective and can increase your brand awareness by 80%.

Why do we need to pay for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

To get instant ranking and visibility on the first page of Google, you are required to pay some amount to Google. By paying you get an opportunity to appear in the sponsored listings of search result pages. The best part about SEM is that it is measurable in terms of performance and secondly, it only charges you per click, which means you only pay for an interested audience.

Where can I see my PPC ad?

PPC ads are of different types - search, display, remarketing, Google shopping, etc. They can be seen in SERP, websites, social media or in apps that you use. We can assist you in choosing the best kind of PPC ad so that your ad is visible to the most relevant audience.

Why is my cost-per-click (CPC) increasing?

It is increasing due to the stiff competition for ad space. Your CPC is bound to increase if too many advertisers are bidding for the same keywords that you’re bidding for. Changes in your quality score or ad copy can also result in an increased cost-per-click.

How can I define success in my PPC campaign?

Success in a PPC campaign depends largely on your organization and its objectives. You can say your PPC campaign is successful if there is an increase in website traffic, higher engagement rates, or an increase in leads and sales. There are certain KPIs which are ideally used to measure success in PPC campaign such as clicks, click-through rates, quality score, cost per acquisition, cost-per-click so on and so forth.

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