Google Penalties and How can we sustain

For the refurbishment of the onsite businesses process to be carried which is an essential part to maintain the ranking of the website. To obtain the best linking process through link juice to get the higher possibility of ongoing traffic so that the increasing link building process takes place. Moreover many websites that are following the structure provided by the Google is able to sustain online, but some websites that are breaching and violating the guidelines of Google webmaster protocols may have to suffer the Penalties imposed by the Google and thus leading them as penalized websites.

What Is Google Penalty?

Google penalty is specified as the negative process that are being imposed by the Google Webmaster Guidelines on those websites that are violating the rules and regulations of the Google bot which crawls the website if unsuitable content or the backing is found to be inadequate or fraudulent than that website gets terminated immediately from the search operations and cannot able to search again by the user. The following website gets blocked by the Google.

Penalties That Imposed By Google

Certain penalties that are fined by the Google Guidelines depending upon the type of penalty whether it is the manual penalty or the algorithmic penalty. The manual penalty is the mechanism that is simply detected by the Google team of experts and professionals. Another one is the algorithm penalty that consists of various algorithms that strictly prohibited the false and irrelevant content accordingly and lowers the ranking of the website.

Google Panda Algorithm

This penalty is established in February 2011, the main characteristics are to reduce the lower quality content sites that are poor in content and provides the higher efficient site near the top search operations.

Google Penguin Algorithm

This penalty is developed in April 2012, a functionality of this penalty aims to remove and catch the spammed sites and bad quality links. It drops out those links that are being purchased or brought through the process of link network so as to get the top ranking in search results of Google search engine.

Google Mobile-Friendly Update Algorithm

This penalty is launched in April 2015, which deals with the latest advancement so that the responsive layout on the mobile get the better option.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

This penalty is created in September 2013, which states and catches up “every word” or”query” in the search engine which produces the same matching the meaning and giving the correct searches accordingly.

Why The Google Penalties Are Applied

  • Duplicate Content

    Uniqueness is the main agenda of the content which supposed to be rich with few keywords and valuable is the essential part. The duplicity of content and plagiarism blog, article or any other content on the website may lead to the blocking of the website and services too.

  • Purchasing of Link

    The purchasing of the links acts as the bad links by some of the website owners to get the page rank in higher position instead to get it developed organically (organic link process) but these links are “manipulative” and “unnatural” and are caught by the Google webmaster algorithms

  • Affiliation of more links

    When the content found with more number of affiliate links so as it redirects and these type of activities are being easily identified by the Google bots and sites with these links gets blocked

  • Content with spending

    The most writers spin the content again and again in the article and known to be a spamdexing of the content, a prewritten mechanism to make the content “Unique” and can be prepared without effort but leads to dismissal originality of the content for a website.

Ways To Avoid Google Penalties

When we talk about the imposition of the Google penalty either it is imposed through Google manual penalty system or by the Algorithm process makes a devasting effect on the websites that breach the Google Webmaster rules and regulations. We can identify the website backing process, comments on the articles and blogs so to divert avoidance of the fishery content and ones that are making the dropping of the page rank.

We Can Avoid Bad Links

The backlinks that are carried out through the functionality of link juice of redirecting from one site to reputable website which plays an important role.We can check the bad backlinks and disallow the spammed ones. The competitors who wanted to decrease the ranking by linking the bad sites to our website must get avoided.

We Can Do Manual Research

We can check the website manually with the help of analyzing the content which is written on website thoroughly by refining the content with rich words and disallows the spammed comments.We devastate the mechanism of bad links manually coming on your website and provides Google penalty recovery service to give better convenience.

We Can Identify The Bad Links

We can make the grouping of the bad backlink and share with you so you can get awareness about the same with an efficient manner. The functionality of the bad links and effectiveness to the website also been specified.

We Can Access Algorithmic Penalty

We can give the detailed explanation of the Panda, Hummingbird or Penguin algorithm imposed on your site and gives the effective way out by the use of Google penalty removal services with the best opportunity available for your site.

We can Provide Content Analysis

We can give a brief specification of the content whether the content on your website is appropriate or having some types of flaws related to spun content, spammed content or the thin content and provides Google penalty recovery services to maintain the originality of the website to give the high ranking of the websites with greater efficiency and proficiency.

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