Facebook Marketing Services for Business

Do you know Facebook has above 1.79 billion unique active monthly users on its platform with each user spending a minimum of 40 minutes per day? Imagine the scope and potential this platform offers to businesses to increase awareness and build relationships. By using Facebook ads for their business, business owners can effectively target and reach a specific consumer market. Codeflies is a leading and cost-effective Facebook Marketing Company that has helped businesses from diverse industries ranging from start-ups to big organizations transform their digital marketing strategies by generating high engagement on organic and boosted posts. This platform is so powerful that it gives business owners an opportunity to create a solid fan base, enhance referral traffic to websites, collecting data and boost conversion.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

We have a defined and streamlined process for Facebook Marketing which is very much similar to our marketing approach. In general, it is a combination of tracking, testing, tweaking, and repetition. In other words, Facebook marketing allows you to measure and track your performance and if unsatisfied, you can alter the strategy. In the long run, better data equals better results.

  • Conduct Competitor Analysis

    Performing market analysis, identifying local competitors who are outperforming you in engagement and then analyzing content that performs well in your industry.

  • Creating effective social campaigns

    Well-researched content with high audience engagement, scheduling and posting regularly and finally monitoring engagement and interaction leads to effective organic social campaigns.

  • Creating Paid Social Campaigns

    Targeting the company by creating custom audiences, followed by creating copy and imagery for high-performing ads, then split testing ad copy and finally reporting & improving paid social ads.

  • Measuring your Social Campaigns

    This can be done by tracking your audience, reach, engagement rates, click-through rate, leads and eventually ROI.

Why Choose Us for Facebook Marketing Services

Codeflies Technologies is a data-driven, result-oriented & full-service Facebook Advertising Agency with clients across the globe. We work differently from other companies, we operate from the perspective of the business owner and manage their project as our own. We consistently strive to provide superior quality services to our valuable clients. When you work with us, we assign a dedicated account manager to manage your ad campaigns, provide monthly reports on the progress, quick customer support and access to the analytics dashboard.

Facebook Advertising FAQs

Are Facebook Ads effective?

Facebook Ads are not just effective but also cost-efficient and reliable. Ensure that you’ve set the right goals and that you’re tracking the right things. They are also used to generate leads, drive traffic and get more brand awareness.

Are Facebook Ads better and cheaper than Google Ads?

Facebook and Google ads work differently in the way they target users. Google targets users based on what they are searching online whereas, Facebook targets people based on the interest they’ve mentioned in their profile.

What should be the duration to run Facebook Ads?

You can run the Facebook Ads as long as the campaign is performing at the rate you want. If you’re not achieving the desired results, you can change the strategies or simply stop the campaign at any moment.

What is the way to get cheaper clicks with Facebook Ads?

The answer is simple, test multiple ads to see which one works best for you. As per me, this is the ideal way to get cheaper clicks as no one size fits all.

You can also use split test my Facebook Ads by testing the demographics and later moving on to test different images.

What should be an ideal budget to run Facebook ads?

It actually depends on your overall marketing budget.

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