Customer Relationship Management (CRM) provides a business

with a well-rounded view of its customer as well as insights into customer behavior. In today's challenging business environment, it is paramount to retain a customer as the costs of acquiring new customers are escalating.

Our experienced team can help your sales & marketing teams with campaign management by designing better campaigns and improve lead generation by implementing multi-channel lead management solution as well as assist in developing a comprehensive loyalty management solution to reward your most valuable customers.

Customer Data

Create a single storehouse for customer data.


Provide greater visibility into sales, marketing and customer service processes.


Help optimize customer communications.


Increase customer satisfaction.

CRM Features & Capabilities

In general, customer relationship management technology provides the following sets of capabilities:

  • Customer Data Management

    CRM software collects and organizes customer data. This includes contact information and interactions via email, phone, web chat and social media.

  • Sales Force Automation

    CRM software helps streamline and automate certain sales-related duties.

  • Marketing Automation

    Many CRM software products include some marketing automation features.

  • Customer Service & Support

    CRM software products often provide customer support-related features. Many also integrate with standalone customer support software.


We offers various engagement models in which we can support the customers in the most cost-effective manner from private hosted application to packaged implementation.

  • Product Implementation: Our technical team has experience in implementing number of CRM products such as CRM, Sugar CRM, and Zoho CRM.
  • Private/public Cloud Hosted Solution: Another cost-effective model that removes the burden of IT from the customer is a private cloud hosted model or public cloud hosted model, where Codeflies can host the CRM solution for use by the marketing team.
  • Custom Application Development: This model helps the marketer to develop a solution that is tailored to the marketing process and integrate with existing systems and processes without any disruption.

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