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Codeflies’s Azure Cloud Services deliver world-class IT applications development and deployment solutions on cloud. Codeflies has managed to exploit all its major characteristic features from provisioning to load-balancing. Azure is vital when it comes to scaling performance constraint and presents its far-reaching benefits in Dotnet, Live service, and SQL.

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Azure is an infinitely-scalable application featuring the capability of deploying thousands of instances in no time. Azure –

  • Emphasizes on apps rather than hardware.

  • Scales automatically for saving money and meeting the demand.

  • Supports Node.js, Java, Python, Ruby, .Net, and PHP.

  • Automatic Application patching and operating system.

windows azure at Codeflies

Codeflies caters to an entire sphere of Azure services, including the –

  • Microsoft Azure Development Services integrated with existing solution
  • Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services for ISVs
  • Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Automation
  • Microsoft Azure Managed Services

Other categories in which the organization offers its valuable assistance is Microsoft Azure Enterprise Mobility Services, Microsoft Azure Migration Services, and Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services.

staff augmentation

We take immense pride in our experts. Majority of them have an impressive work experience of more than 6 years and they are just unstoppable. Our AWS professionals are exposed to broadened leeway to research and learning. And here is what they are proficient at–

  • Timely deliveries as per service-level agreement
  • Ensuring user satisfaction
  • Timely updates on project
  • Proficiency in the benefits of Windows Azure
  • Ensuring attendance on weekends

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