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Google Apps is a complete package of capabilities including the productivity, cloud computing, software, collaboration tools, and products of Google. Codeflies assists its clients in accomplishing their business goals of enhanced productivity, effective strategizing, and reduced timeframe for project completion with the utility of Google Apps or G Suite.

More on Google apps

Google Apps offers the utility of employing its tools for effective handling of any business. Following features of G-Suite hold limitless potential –

  • Engine

    Enjoy the capabilities of user management, scaling, performance, security in Google App Engine aimed at reducing a significant amount of development and management of efforts in mobile apps.

  • Consultancy

    We create powerful customized business solutions with added benefits of scaling, performance, and security by employing the exceptional-performance of Google Compute Engine.

  • Networking

    To utilize the capabilities of various resources, it is essential to tackle the unprecedented computing power involved in the process.

  • Cloud Store

    We will create well-strategized cloud stores and state-of-the-art database solutions, capable of storing all kinds of data in the database on storage platform.

  • Cloud Consultancy

    From assisting in the seamless planning and managing the cloud-powered business strategies to scaling the applications, we do everything!

  • Monitoring

    We are part of the prominent process of planning, processing, and managing the organization’s Google resources and providing them a medium to monitor solutions.

Google apps at Codeflies …

Codeflies has showcased its expertise in Google Apps by empowering various businesses through ease of carrying out processes, rich user interface, delivering the power of data migration to G-Suite from existing location, and extending incessant support to our users. From giving a professional name to managing your mobile devices, we’ll handle almost every G-Suite task intended for a considerable rise in enterprise productivity. The tools and features in G-Suite Codeflies services are an incredible support to organizations at a global scale.

Staff Augmentation

We take immense pride in our experts. Majority of them have an impressive work experience of more than 6 years and they are just unstoppable. Our AWS professionals are exposed to broadened leeway to research and learning. And here is what they are proficient at–

  • Timely deliveries as per service-level agreement
  • Ensuring user satisfaction
  • Timely updates on project
  • Proficiency in the benefits of Google Apps
  • Ensuring attendance on weekends

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