This blog focuses about the reasons for why you should choose a magento development company India for an ecommerce? Today most online vendors and retailers want to make a powerful online presence for their website on the internet. For this purpose they are taking help from E-commerce development services i.e magento. The theme of magento is the best for many purposes like integration of template, development of extensions, website hosting by magento, customizable modules of extensions, payment gateway with safety features and backend training of magento. For this reason we recommend you to take help from a web development professional from magento services in India.

Hiring a web developement professional may prove to be a tricky task for you. This will happen if you are new to the field of internet and do not know much about E-commerce and web development. If you hire an Indian web designing professional then you can make the best use of magento services. If you do the task of getting development of a website then you will need a skilled magento professional. This will assist you to integrate magento packages. You can customize these services according to your website development needs. The best benefit of such services is that you can get website design at a very affordable price.

When you hire a magento professional or company from India just know about its benefits. The services of these companies are available at a very low cost. Yet you won’t see any kind of compromise with the service quality in such kind of services. This is because in India the cost of labor and human power is less compared to other countries on the globe. For this reason you can hire a magento website development service at a low cost compared to others. This is one of the greatest advantage of hiring Indian man power and professionals.

When you check the quality output of magento services from India then you will find that they give A-grade services to their off shore clients and consumers. They also compatible with high crossing web browser. These services are SEO friendly and semantic. They practice clean and web based table friendly codes without charging any kind of hidden service fee. It is a fact that when you hire website programmers from India then it will be the most money saving way to develop an E-commerce service. Yet here you won’t have to make any kind of compromise with their service quality to save a couple of pennies. You can hire these magento web development professionals at any time and for any work hours. Take for example these professionals can work for you on full time and part time work hours.

When you choose a magento development company in India you will find that their professionals outsource website design codes at a very low comparable cost. For this reason hiring such professionals for e-commerce and website development can be a profitable decision. Choosing magento services in India will help you to develop safe and customer friendly e-commerce services at an affordable cost budget in the long run.

Indian business persons, companies, and sellers who want to open an online store can take help of a Magento company India to start an online business. Magento is software that helps a store owner in starting a website in which he can display and sell products to customers worldwide. The e-commerce platform helps in increasing the user engagement of the customers who visit the website to buy products for a higher revenue generation and increased sales.

Magento has several useful features that help in making the online store easy to use and navigate smoothly. An expert Magento developer uses his knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the market and enhance the business prospects of a seller. He makes the website flexible and gives a higher control of the admin on the content of the website. An existing online store opened by a seller can be moved to Magento quite easily. Also, if the seller uses Magento 1 for e-commerce, a developer can help in migrating it to Magento 2.

A well skilled Magento company in India uses the latest version of Magento to provide the top features of the software to business persons. Magento is used for promoting the store and provide the best shipping facilities.

A shopping cart solution is an important part of the e-commerce software that helps the customers in buying products. The best method of payments is integrated into the online store. Custom solutions are designed to meet the business requirements. The Magento developers help in module development and theme development.

SEO or search engine optimization is a best way for optimizing the website for gaining a higher rank or position in the search engine results. The quality and navigation of the websites are improved by using it. An SEO company in India provides services to website owners for improving their websites rankings.

Websites that have a better visibility have a higher chance to attract the attention of the users and this can lead to higher sales and profit for the website. A user-friendly website is preferred by the visitors as they find it easy to use and navigate. SEO plays an important role in doing this. The SEO experts use strategies like using better titles, meta tags, body tags, and internal links. They ensure that the content has the right keyword density.

The SEO is also done for the images on a website. Url structure is improved and meta description is added. Analyzing the competitors is another important strategy of SEO. An effort is made to identify the competitors and see what they are doing to improve their rankings. The competitor websites and backlinks are examined for this. A good SEO company India offers services for e-commerce SEO so that an online store can get a higher rank on Google. The company helps clients in online reputation management, enterprise SEO, local SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, and guest posting. Affordable SEO plans are available for individuals and website owners who want to hire an SEO professional for doing the search engine optimization of their website.

Summary: Magento is one of the best software for starting an online store and a Magento company in India offers services for the development of Magento for sellers and businesspersons. An SEO company helps clients in using SEO for improving the rankings of a website.

In today’s Era of Volatility, Magneto is a noticeable eCommerce solution, it is the open source content management system which is highly advanced in a robust and feature rich platform with assorted out-of-the box features which enhances the one to sprout out their business. The success of Magento can be attributed to its functionality, flexibility and on extensive features.

Magento is nothing but a kind of shopping experience which customers grab from different website. There are diverse numbers of other features available like free and paid extensions which enhances Magento platform developers globally.

Magento extensions aids to create a rare user experience, makes site management easier, consolidate 3rd party platforms and software to intensify your eCommerce business to cope out the best among the competitors.

Magento extension and module development includes, Magento custom, landing pages of the associated custom, online shopping store designing, payment method, shipping method, and many more custom Magento requirements.

Magento Website Design & Development

Magento is one of the most prominent platform used for forging any eCommerce website, either small or big, complex or simpler!

With Custom Magento Website Designing, user can operate, navigate and hassle out through different pages easily for free.

Magneto provides the flexible platform to the developers, where they can be able to control the functionality, presence as well as the high quality content of your online store. Voluminous features of Magneto helps exporters to perform complete command over online store operations perfectly.

Our team have the best Magento developers, who focuses on the latest technologies and grab the best out of them, including JavaScript Programming, PHP Programming, Custom Theme Designing, Widgets, XHTML, CSS enhancements, Special Effects enhancement and many more.

Along with inimitable expertise and consummate creativity, our expert team of developers will be there to guard out your complete lifecycle of  Magento store development, from its initial phase i.e., installation phase, followed by theme configuration and specification phase upto its complete setup with quality assurance provided at each and every phase of Magento Development.

Our Magento developers also focuses on the designing and developing abilities, that can be easily accessed, navigable, SEO friendly and alluring too.

The services which we provide in Magento Development , includes eCommerce website development, Theme & Template development, Landing pages, Extension as well as Plug-Ins development and many more. These staggering services by our team experts overture an awful experience to your website visitors and change your business hope into reality!

Magento Specialized SEO Services

As Magneto has created a stir in the web arena, it also holds SEO friendly feature with its most appropriate tools to revive any of the web application. To heighten up your online presence, we are here to serve you out the World Class brilliant Magento SEO service.

Presently, SEO been the vital source for many of the online business which allows your website to rank the best on search pages. It contains some of the useful elements like Meta Content, top-level URLs, canonical tags, and many more redirecting functional tools.

Our professional experts are here to utilize the best practices offered by SEO to enhance your store’s online search rankings.

Magento Implementation – Make it Work in your Business!

Magento being uniquely built with highly customizable customs and thus being amenable to the various exclusive needs of the manufacturers from online stores. An Magneto Enterprise Edition leads you to turn your needs into eCommerce experiences grabbed for your customers, including many of the suggested items, customization options, and also the discounted offers to regular and loyal customers.

The biggest strength that Magento holds is Wide array of Modules available nowadays, to the online storefronts. Many of the schemes like Catalog management, product management, shipping and paying integration, customer tracking, etc. can all be modified or customized as per the use of Magento Modules.

As the Magento uses open source coding, it should be flexible and must be easier to manipulate as compared to the rigid ones. An online catalog will somehow make it easier for the potentialized client to search out his product through online social promotion.

A fully Managed Magento Development Service is been provided at Codeflies. We have a team of experts, trained fully on each Magento concept, and we used to follow a complete development life cycle in order to serve the best to our clients, with each specific expert been involved in a specific task at a time to ensure an high quality assured outcome.

The Range of Magento Services We Offer:

  • Responsive Magento web design
  • Shopping cart development
  • Magento module development
  • b2b & b2c web development
  • Custom Plug-Ins development
  • Social Media Integration
  • Magento theme/ enterprise UI design
  • Magento Mobile
  • Payment Gateway
  • Integration
  • Customization of built-in Magento feature
  • Magento version upgrade
  • Extensions & Integrations

We have been a focused Company working for rich years in Magento Projects and developed through the full spectrum of Magento services. We are here not only to guide or to build your most efficient and cost effective magento site, but we also used to customize out the custom design for your entire online business.

We hope that you enjoy our service as much as we enjoy offering them to you!

If you have any sort of query, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You Are Now Just One Big Step Closer To Getting Your Online Store Ready!!

Codeflies is a leading Magento web development company in India and provides end to end technical solutions in various fields like , e-commerce, business promotions, shipping, & provide astonishing range of merchandise , all over the country. To make payments we provide easy and upgraded shopping cart features to promote your business for such features over the web. We make sure that the online business is fully functional, up to date, fast and fully capable in all aspects. The company has a profound knowledge in making business successful and provide customer the best of the services they deserve. It provides different strategies with effective tools to base the targets of the business and have an increasing growth.


Attractive themes: Whatever is your business module, there are tons of themes that will be applied on the module so to give customer satisfaction.

Web development : Business is best when it has consistent growth rate over a span of time. It is possible through web development in certain key areas like,





Smartphone compatibility: With Increasing some upgraded smartphones having latest android softwares , compatibility is essential to tackle the daily customer needs with effective and useful apps that runs on every mobile.

Customize extensions: There are literally thousands of extensions, that are available in the market. But not every extension is for everyone, but the one which is best suited for your business will be customized and used so to meet customer satisfaction.

Global sales: This feature allows your business to reach out to customers globally without any hassle and with full security.

E-commerce : No matter on what scale you are operating business, it will help cover up all types of needs at every platform , whether it is website or domain name or secure shopping or any other aspect.

Magento Developers: The hard-working developers have always shown best results in every aspect for your business success.

Maintenance: Time to time updating and maintenance of services is a must so that every feature can give lag free and smooth experience which will be  possible through this feature.

Shopping cart: Safe check in and check out is the work of shopping cart long with successful payment done through any mode, but for this it requires trust and safety for which you can rely on magento.

Strong servers: For successful online business and proper growth, strong servers are made so that the site never slow down, no matter the number of customers will be engaged at the same time.

In today’s lifestyle, when things have turned out to be so electronic based. If you want your business to stand out of the rest in the crowd, it is essential that you boost up your website with the requisite content in order to gain the maximum number of traffic. If you want to captivate the market through your business prospects, you can certainly do it through your website. One must not leave the website unattended.

In the present scenario, when there is a constant rush in the market scenario, you need to avail it through your web page. The website has got a clear picture of your company’s front face. When there are so many companies dealing with the same stuff, products or services, there lies a general question, and that is, why would people choose you over all the other suppliers or marketers? The main issue is that when you have so many firms dealing with similar kinds of services, the competition seems to get harder. In that case, you need some firm that can truly manage all the attributes and definitely, the Magento Company India has got professionals who are well skilled in this segment and will help your business reach out to the maximum number of users. With the rising popularity of your business, you shall be able to win more leads and expand your growth.

• Make your business rank at the top:-

When we have been investing into our business, it is quite natural that we spend the amount wisely and help it succeed in the race. Certainly, there are so many web development companies around and in order to help your business grow in its real terms, you need to make its content stronger. The website of the company or the business firm should be powerful enough to capture the market and that would be the ultimate way through which you can set your business and make it lead the race. The website development company provides all the services that are important to develop the overall website features along with the other attributes of your company. The web development company would be featuring your website as well as it will assign designs and logistics to your web page, thereby making it more appealing to the users and gaining maximum audiences for it.

Individual may feel customizing of application is a tiresome task. Each business encompasses a pressure of meeting the point so as to achieve client satisfaction. You want to be thinking of hiring developers for your online shopping store. Here, you wish to determine whether or not the engagement of the developers is for a short or a long. Custom Magento development services in India are currently related to one amongst the quickest growing companies in the market. The service provided is admittedly appreciated raising the recognition of the company.

Since Magento is an open source CMS with undisputed record, it had been additionally quite widespread to satisfy completely different demand of various clients. The needs poised by the big to middle level software firms having software of Magento put in it, are attended by several companies. There are several developers based mostly in India additionally as in an offshore location. All of them are well expert with Magento software installation. You will additionally get advantages of theme design additionally as customization.

Added features of Development Company are: store maintenance, upgrades, plug-in, integration and general module development. You will additionally get multiple Magento skins from wherever; it will be quite simple to be selected. For any variety of application, these are referred to as the best search front ever. Since, Magento even have an intrinsic pool with graphics, it will offer an amazing look additionally as feel. Here, understanding the business challenges are extremely necessary so organization is offered with applicable solution to the problem.

Offshore Magento service is usually present to show a right image of the organization to the overall public. The firm also will look out of every kind of points associated with designing and theme. There are several such corporations that offer prime quality Magento themes. Hiring a skilled developer will offer you with wide access to your application as they are well versed with many alternative forms of Magento tools ranging from custom templates, layout, skins, CSS, etc.

You must find out ahead of hiring a reputed and appropriate company for your organization. The most reputed offshore Magento Web Development Company in Noida is a sound name to offer applicable service to every businessmen and individual.

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