We conduct all of our relationships with our employees, coworkers, customers and vendors with respect and honesty. We offer outstanding customer service and aim to exceed client’s expectations while maintaining profitability. We have a can-do attitude  and work toward continuous improvement. To be the most effective resource for our clients to reach their customers and prospects.

As a platinum general contractor in Long Island, Best Enterprises is familiar with the homes and families in the area. Being a family-owned and operated business motivates us to keep your family’s home in tip-top shape.

President Barry Burke

Barry was among the best contractors in the area when he decided to venture on his own and start Best Enterprises General Contracting in 2000.

With decades of experience prior to starting his own business, Barry makes it his goal to continue providing the best remodeling services in the area and to continue expanding the business and brand. He has started on his path by having not only two locations but also a showroom space. Barry works hard to make sure your home is safe and up to par so you and your family can dwell in it happily. is born from the experience of more than 10 years in the professional hairdressing and aesthetics sector, headed by our own international franchise centers.

We always select the best brands and the best products through our team of professionals who test it carefully.

Thanks to all the experience gained and the volume of business, at we can offer you the best products at the best prices.

We serve the entire Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, from our central warehouse in Madrid with a standard 72-hour service. We offer different forms of payment to adapt to your priorities and always guaranteeing a “safe purchase”.

And if you need it, we put at your disposal our technical team that will advise you on all products and personalized recommendations.

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