Deremolque is a business unit of an organization based in the United Arab Emirates with commercial offices near London, with European capital , recently born from the union of a professional network that has always been linked to the world of tugboats. Our mission is to provide both the private sector and companies with the best market price / quality and with the highest and special care for customer satisfaction, after-sales service and customer service.

We are the premier educational aids provider and distributors of school books based in New Delhi, India. Our flagship retail store is based in New Delhi since 1993. We have over 7 decades of experience in the fields of publishing, selling, marketing and retailing of books, stationery, uniforms and other educational aids and cater to needs of all age groups. Our philosophy is based on providing students and businesses with means to study, develop and share knowledge in a holistic and easy manner. The retail brand Raaj Book Point today symbolizes trust, integrity and widespread customer reach gathered over decades while providing products across New Delhi to different types of customer groups comprising of school students, undergraduates, post graduates and businesses.

Texas Wholesale is a grocery wholesale store that specializes in convenience, grocery, and smoke shop items. We differentiate ourselves through a combination of unique designs and styles merged with unequaled standards of quality and authenticity. Our founders have deep roots in yoga and health communities and our selections serve amateur practitioners and professional athletes alike.

We are established in