Your body works from the inside-out. Healthy internal organs equals healthy external appearance. FACTS! Body Restoration. Anti-Aging. Regenerative Health. Are you familiar? Modern terms. But still, you probably don’t know, maybe never heard. Your body (and soul) is aging, rapidly. Both outside and inside. You’re getting tired easier. Your face has aged. You don’t feel good, often. Have you ever heard of the hypothalamus? Do you know what stem cells are? Do you know “brown fat” could change your life inside of 30 days? Your skin is unhealthy.

Perla Lichi has been designing luxury residential and commercial interiors since 1984, around Florida, around the USA, and around the world. Perla Lichi Design Firm provides a uniquely intelligent approach to each interior with results tailored to meet each client’s exacting requirements in budget. We will transform your unique interior design vision into a reality, from concept to installation in South Florida areas. We apply tried and true professional design practices with our genuine love of design. Together with my experienced, skilled, multilingual interior designers team, I design in any interior style of your choosing. We realize that people everywhere want beautiful, functional interiors that set the stage for each individual lifestyle and a comfortable, gorgeous background for living to be enjoyed with family and friends in South Florida and nearby areas.

Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk, Inc. is the premier sales and service advisor training company in the automotive service business. At Pro Talk, our focus is on showing dealerships, service managers, service advisors and their support staff how to substantially increase their revenues, improve survey scores and excel in customer retention through time tested and proven sales processes. Pro Talk has trained thousands of service employees in the art of selling, communication skills, customer service, customer retention and many other skills to ensure that service departments realize their maximum fixed operation goals.

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