Shapiro Law Group meets the legal needs of clients with a focused team approach that solo practitioners and big law firms can’t match. We give each client the individual attention required. All of us at Shapiro Law Group take every case on a very personal level and we really feel and understand what clients are going through. Engaging with the legal system can be very difficult and complex and we guide you through every step of the process. You are never on your own. Unlike other law firms that treat you like you’re just another case number, we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Every year a surprising number of individuals in the Boston area suffer injuries in unforeseen accidents. Whether due to a distracted driver, negligent pet or homeowner, careless property manager or employer, or anything else, accidents occur everywhere, including on the road, at work, or even at home. These incidents can be traumatic, painful, and costly, and they can cause life-altering effects, such as long-term injuries or significant changes to your employment status, not to mention the accumulation of medical bills and the loss of wages. Their impacts only compound when the accident seemed avoidable, or when a victim learns that their insurance does not want to provide the financial assistance they require.

The Law Offices of Patrick L. Cordero, PA Attorneys at Law, is an established Miami law firm, and we are here to help clients reach favorable results. Primarily, we are known for our bankruptcy work, but we also handle real estate issues such as modifications, foreclosure defense, closings and other related issues. Moreover, we also have an established family law practice.

Piotrowski Law is a boutique criminal defense law practice with offices located in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, Florida. We cater to criminal defense clients in State Court throughout Florida and Federal Court nationwide on a case-by-case basis. We handle all criminal cases ranging from Marijuana Possession to Murder. We represent first time offenders who are eligible for diversion programs as well as repeat offenders facing career criminal designations and life sentences. Call us today for a free case evaluation.

The Golden Door experience has been designed to empower our guests to reposition themselves at the center of their own lives by tending to their bodies, their minds and their spirits. Here, a hike is as much a rigorous morning exercise as it is a chance to reflect on the day ahead, and a meal is the means by which we learn to satisfy rather than simply feed our hunger.
Through our program of fitness training and refined nourishment coupled with indulgent, caring spa treatments, we work with our guests to treat their bodies with the respect and care they deserve.

Choosing the right attorney at the start of your case is likely the single most important decision you can make. Learn more about Yelman & Associates and why our firm may be the best option for you!

Here at ZenBurgers, we’re super Zen conscious about who we partner with. We’re heart-focused on true triple-win partnerships that value you, and your health, over profit. If you can’t find us locally, do share what retailers you believe share our Zen philosophy—that our health is our only true wellth, so we can share your request. Value and integrity matter. We believe you vote voice with every soul/sole decision you make on how you spend your hard earned dough. If you can’t find us near you, stay Zen to win. We’ll joyfully ship directly to your doorstep, which provides ease, flow and contributes to lessening our carbon footprint on our mama.

Eureka Printers is a family owned and operated printing business, with a proud history of providing print services for government agencies, corporates, small business and charity organisations.

We are a full service printing business, providing creative design and prepress expertise, high quality offset print, full colour digital print and fast turnaround direct mail distribution. We even have in-house laminating, finishing and binding services.

We are established in