Choosing the right attorney at the start of your case is likely the single most important decision you can make. Learn more about Yelman & Associates and why our firm may be the best option for you!

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san diego divorce lawyer

If you are looking for a law firm dedicated to you, family and children, look no further than Yelman & Associates, San Diego’s Family Law Attorneys. Founded in 1995, the firm has built a strong reputation on its experience and skill handling California Divorce, Separation and Annulment cases, involving Child Custody and Visitation; Child and Spousal Support; Division of Community Property (including businesses); protection of Separate Property; and interstate matters pursuant to the UCCJEA and UIFSA. Our attorneys are experienced, highly effective and compassionate San Diego family law practitioners who vigorously protect the rights of our clients.

Practice Areas

At Yelman & Associates, San Diego’s Family Law Attorneys, our team of family lawyers believes domestic disunity is rarely, if ever, the presumed intention behind the majority of couples who get married. We fully recognize however, that given the multitude of ways in which families develop, and given the nature of individual and mutual change, divorce is an unfortunate possibility for many couples. As time passes, children are born or adopted, homes are invested in, debts can accrue, lifestyles shift, and divergent financial decisions are made. In each of these situations, there is the potential for disagreement, discord, distrust, and eventually, a desired separation. When and if separation appears to be the logical course of action, the initial focus at Yelman & Associates is to arrive at an uncontested, amicable resolution. Doing so can save both parties time, money, and emotional exhaustion.

At Yelman & Associates, Knowledge Is Power

With nearly 25 years of experience at Yelman & Associates, we guarantee that you will be met with the knowledgeable, personalized, immediate, and hands-on legal advice and representation that you need. The family attorneys you choose to handle your case are the most important factors of any legal or civil negotiation. If you would like to learn more about our San Diego family lawyers, schedule a complimentary phone consultation or an appointment, fill out a consultation form, or call us at (619) 282-1107 or (760) 654-6142.

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Salient Features

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    Legal separation

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    Child support, custody, visitation

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    Spousal support

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    Division of community property

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    Premarital agreements

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    Uncontested divorces

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    Domestic violence

Result & Benefit

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