Shapiro Law Group meets the legal needs of clients with a focused team approach that solo practitioners and big law firms can’t match. We give each client the individual attention required. All of us at Shapiro Law Group take every case on a very personal level and we really feel and understand what clients are going through. Engaging with the legal system can be very difficult and complex and we guide you through every step of the process. You are never on your own. Unlike other law firms that treat you like you’re just another case number, we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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Domestic Violence Lawyers in Massachusetts

Massachusetts takes Domestic Violence cases very seriously. Any Domestic Violence situation can be very complex and emotional. It can affect every member of a family and lead to a great deal of upheaval. During what may be a stressful and confusing time, you need guidance and honest answers from legal professionals who can help you. The family law attorney’s at Shapiro Law Group, PC are also experienced criminal lawyers who will give your case the compassion and dedication needed to bring it to a quick, safe, and favorable resolution.

Divorce Litigations Attorney in Massachusetts

When it comes to any legal situation, Litigation is a possibility. Any Litigation situation requires preparation and experience. The divorce attorney’s at Shapiro Law Group, PC, have the negotiating and litigating skills to successfully represent you as your case moves to this chapter. Litigation can pertain to complex and emotional family situations, and there may a lot at stake. Our Firm will guide you through the process, while doing every necessary to reach a favorable and just resolution.

Contempt Laws – Massachusetts

Contempt case in Massachusetts can be complicated for all parties involved. A contempt filing comes about if one party does not comply with a Court Order. A motion of contempt can be filed if someone does not pay child support as ordered, fails to pay Alimony as ordered, or violates a visitation or custody Order. When an Order has been handed down by a judge and someone willfully disobeys that Order, having a dedicated attorney who can help to set things right is necessary. Without a skilled legal professional in your corner, a Contempt Order may make your situation work or lead to the outcome you need.

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    Conservatorship of a Minor

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    Conservatorship of an Incapacitated Adult

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    Domestic Violence Lawyers

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    Uncontested Divorce

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