Cbus Property is a national award-winning property investor and developer responsible for the performance and management of all aspects of the Cbus direct property investment business. Our core business reflects our commitment to investing in the property and construction industry that employs its members.

Our portfolio includes major investments and developments in the commercial, retail and residential sectors and currently exceeds $5.0 billion, with a further $4.0 billion of development work underway.

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Partnerships built on strong foundations

Partnerships built on strong foundations are central to every Cbus Property venture. We partner with co-investors, tenants, builders and our workers. Ongoing, transparent communication and a willingness to exceed our partners’ expectations have enabled us to build and maintain exceptional relationships, whilst achieving optimal returns for all parties. Our ability to understand and respond to our partners’ business needs, both now and in the future, is exemplary.

Building a sustainable tomorrow

Cbus Property is a signatory to the principles of responsible investment, namely our corporate responsibilities, to build a sustainable tomorrow. Our ongoing success is based on the integration of our core values of long-term ownership and sustainable business practices into all our investment decisions. We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously. In everything we do, we strive to deliver outcomes that benefit not just our partners, tenants and superannuation fund members, but the community as a whole.

Key to success

The key to our success is the relationship we build with our partners, tenants, builders and the people working on our development projects and managed investments. We strive to establish and maintain relationships that are mutually beneficial and we pride ourselves on creating environmentally sustainable workspaces. Our in-house team of professionals proactively manages every stage of an investment, from acquisition stage through to project delivery, leaving a legacy of high-quality developments that consistently provide long-term financial returns without sacrificing our social responsibilities.

Our Development Process

  • 01

    The Discovery Phase- Our developers perform research and brainstorming before picking up any tasks to ensure the development of the desired functionalities in one go.

  • 02

    The Execution Phase- After gathering all the nuts and bolts to proceed, it’s time for project execution. Our developers and quality analysts followed the development process for execution and worked side-by-side to achieve the project aims. Our project managers also did regular reviews to check the progress of the project went smoothly and according to the time.

  • 03

    Sprint Base Project Delivery- Developer is involved in taking the client’s priorities on tasks. This process helps us to meet the client’s expectations in the best possible manner and ensure the timely delivery of the tasks.

  • 04

    The Deployment Phase- When a task is ready and tested it is deployed on the Heroku server.

Salient Features

  • 01

    4.8+ billion INVESTED

  • 02

    .7+ billion PROFIT

  • 03

    95,000+ JOBS CREATED

  • 04


Result & Benefit

We are established in