7 Reasons Why You are Failing at Organic SEO?

Organic SEO is exemplary if you stay unexposed to paid marketing. Although, Organic SEO can boost your sales as well drop your rankings. Here, we are going to explain 7 SEO tips and tricks that will likely drop your insights and impact your sales.

Things You Must Avoid While Doing SEO for Your Website

Don’t: Ignore User Search Intent

Google’s ultimate goal with search results is to fulfil a user’s search intent. It’s also why we think the buyer’s journey is so crucial to B2B SEO strategy. Informational intent, commercial intent, and navigational intent search are the three types of intent. Create content that delivers the user information if they desire it. Point them to your product/service website if they want to buy. Make sure you possess your own brand’s navigational query if they wish to navigate to a certain page using a search query. Shady content with no focused topic is often discarded by people in search of unique and trending content.

When informational keywords are used to target product/service sites, search intent is frequently misapplied. The page’s content is intended to persuade someone who isn’t interested in purchasing. What’s the end result? Bounce rates that are higher. 

Don’t: Use Spammy Tricks

Some tricks are no longer authorized by Google and if you are caught using them, Google will spoof you with penalties. In addition to charges, you will have dropped insights too. Well, this way or the other, sure these tricks won’t help you much and might not work for longer periods.

Avoid the use of repetitive keywords in your content for better readability. Remember, using spammy tricks to rank your website will provide you no good and will further issue a penalty from Google. While optimizing your website try to engage in organic SEO practices to avoid unexpected consequences. Some kind of spammy tricks involves:

  • Using a third party website content as your site content
  • Using same background color as a third party website
  • Creating low quality doorway pages

Don’t: Copy Large Pieces of External Content

There is nothing wrong with using your content across pages. But, it is wrong to use the same piece of content again and again without unique information. Even if you are plagiarizing content, then make sure to cite the content. Plagiarism is considered a serious offence. No one has the right to use the content, image, music, or video, it directly targets copyright infringement.

There is a possibility that you might find no unique concept as we are all introduced to similar concepts and constantly remain stuck to the same topics with different opinions. Although, one can try paraphrasing the old content in a unique way. This suggests throwing in some phrases, some famous quotes, or starting the blog with a story that keeps the user engaged among your pages.

Don’t: Not Updating and Republishing Outdated Content

Good Organic SEO Practice is when you keep updating the content you have published earlier. Remember, your competitors are still one step further and creating unique content and hitting the bar every time. What is it that you are lacking? No one likes to read the same old granny talks. Refresh your content with current updates. Include the relevant subtopics you were missing before and add influential keywords that are trending today. Don’t just set the content and forget it after publishing.  

Don’t: Link Too Often to External Sites

Linking your content often to external references makes your content fairly difficult to understand and read. Linking too much content with external references can further lead to a rapid bounce in site rankings. Also, people don’t sit and read the complete blog, they just go through the key points and tend to stay longer if they find the content informative. 

Don’t: Keyword Stuffing

While practising Organic SEO to boost your sales make sure your website content does not overflow with keyword stuffing. It’s often seen that people mention keywords in every sentence assuming that the trick would do them good. But, keyword stuffing won’t benefit you at all. Reading repetitive diction irritates the readers. No one likes to read the same old thing back and forth. Try to pick on a new subject and make sure your content stays unique just like no other. A user’s behaviour explains much about their session’s duration. If you are not getting enough clicks no matter what, then try to make your content less messy and remember the content must paraphrase the theme topic in the end.

Don’t: Use Inadequate Backlinks

Creating Backlinks is a good yet organic way to boost your Page Traffic. But, linking irrelevant backlinks can cause the page harm to no extent. Irrelevant backlinks somehow do not relate to the page at all and confuse the reader and result in dropping insights. Backlinks that do not relate to the content are no longer worthy. Users prefer scrolling backlinks that provide useful information and interest them. Backlinks with no focused ideas and messy organization often bores the user and increases the no. of bounced sessions. An SEO Practitioner must never publish content that is not worth search intent. A page would never rank among billions of pages if your concept is unclear and not worth exploring. 

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